“412 Boys” Adjusting To Freshman Life At UGA

Athens – Ben Jones is a slob. Tavarres King could befriend Scrooge. Dontavius Jackson never eats his leftovers. And Richard Samuel has no problem clearing his dinner plate and scarfing down seconds.

Meet the self-proclaimed ‘412 Boys.’

Georgia’s early-enrollee freshmen foursome lives together in room 412 of their East Campus Village apartment-styled dorm. When they’re not hanging out at the pool or playing pranks, they are making strides on the field.

Jones was named the most improved offensive lineman after the end of spring.

King has been labeled the ‘real deal’ by cornerback Asher Allen. Samuel and Jackson are battling for a backup spot behind running back Knowshon Moreno. “I think that those kids are definitely ahead of the game,” coach Mark Richt said. “Not that the other guys can’t make it up, but it’s an advantage to get here and go through spring.”

The foursome spent their first night together in Athens watching the Bulldogs destroy Hawaii 41-10 in the Sugar Bowl. Since then, they’ve loaded up on classes, gotten a head start in spring practice and have managed to sprinkle in some fun.

“It was a perfect match from the get-go,” King said. “We’re all the same kind of guys. We’re all outgoing, like to have fun. When it’s time to work, we work. It worked out pretty well.”

After spending the previous eight months getting to know each other, they plan to continue living together this fall – even Jones, the messiest of the bunch.

“He’ll go in the fridge and take out some jelly and leave it out. He’ll come in the room from class, take off his shoes and his bag in the living room and go in his room,” Samuel said. “We get on him all the time. He don’t listen.”

Jones was not able to defend himself because offensive line coach Stacy Searels does not allow true freshmen to speak to the media.

As for the rest of their personalities, King is the social butterfly of the bunch.

“He’s open. He’ll talk to anybody,” Samuel said.

His sweet-talking gets him out of trouble when he decides to steal Jackson’s leftovers.

“Donatvius never ever finishes a meal. He’ll buy loads of food and always have leftovers,” King said. “Richard is the total opposite of Dontavius. He eats like a horse.”

They have added some personal touches to the living room. The prize accent is a special-made banner of their names that King’s father purchased. They also hung a NASCAR poster, even though none of them are really into the sport.

“It just looked cool,” Samuel said.

They don’t seem to mind messing up their new home, either. One day before camp started, they got into a water/syrup fight in their dorm.

“We were just bored,” Jackson said. “There was nothing to do that night.”

Jackson poured cold water on Jones. Jones retaliated and raised the stakes by pouring water on King’s bed. Then, he hit Jackson with syrup, and Jackson had to take a shower to wash off the stickiness.

Samuel wanted no part of the mayhem.

“If anybody wanted to retaliate, I wasn’t going to do nothing,” he said. “I just sat back and enjoyed it.”

Georgia’s numerous run-ins with the law this offseason could have been like quicksand for four teenage boys living on their own for the first time.

But King says he and his roommates keep a low profile. They can usually be found in their dorm watching movies or playing video games.

“It’s not about the downtown scene,” King said. “It’s about getting an education, becoming a better man, just growing. I feel like we’ve done a good job of that.”

– Courtesy of AJC.com


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