Another Moss In The Making?

Freshman WR A.J. Green

Freshman WR A.J. Green

Heralded freshman wide receiver A.J. Green has been so impressive in camp that he has Richt already talking about NFL All-Pro Randy Moss. Richt was at Florida State in 1995 when Moss was redshirted before he transferred to Marshall the next season.

“When the Vikings drafted Moss … I told Brad Johnson [Richt’s brother-in-law and former FSU quarterback] to [quicken] up your drop, plant your feet and throw it as high and far as you can, and he’ll get it,” Richt recalled Friday.

Did he tell Stafford the same thing about Green? Richt laughed and said, “Stafford patted the ball once or twice [on a deep ball], and didn’t get it to him. The big boy had to wait. He was a little disappointed. I think he came back to the huddle and told Stafford to ‘throw it as far as you can.’ ”

Richt even went as far to say that he has never had a wide reciever such as Green since he has been at Georgia.

“I’m not saying he’s the best one, there’s just no one we’ve had like him. … We haven’t had anybody that tall [6-foot-4] with long arms. Sometimes the longer guys can’t run or change directions like this guy. He runs with good speed … but let him make a few plays in a real game before anointing him.”

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