Dobbs Ready To Play


Demarcus Dobbs

Demarcus Dobbs

ATHENS, GA — Former Calvary star… Demarcus Dobbs… saw action in all 13 Georgia Bulldog games as a redshirt freshman.

He played mostly on special teams… but says it was a thrill to get out on the field at Sanford Stadium. “Oh, it’s exhilarating. It was such a rush, you know. Once you run out the dog tunnel, the fans, the band playing, everybody screaming, cheering for you, I mean it’s overwhelming.”

Dobbs got to play some during the 2007 season, making it a warmup for this season when he could see considerable playing time in the rotation at defensive end.  “We’re coming into camp and it depends on how well I do in camp is going to determine how much I play. I’m really praying and hoping that I do well.”

Dobbs has been working hard during the off-season to prepare for this opportunity.  “Getting faster, working out, trying to get stronger in the weight room, doing a lot of speed drills and agility drills, trying to get quicker off the line and everything like that to stay in the game more.”

Dobbs is beginning his third year in Athens and is on target to graduate.  “I feel that my major of consumer economics is more along the business line and I feel that you are versatile to do a lot more with a consumer economic degree and it’s not limiting you to one thing or another.”

You better believe, Dobbs is really looking forward to the season opener against Georgia Southern.  “This is an exciting game. It’s going to be exciting to see all the people you went to school with coming to root against you in such a way, but I’m excited for it.”

– Courtesy of WTOC (Savannah)


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