King Not Guaranteed No. 2 TB

Coach Mark Richt was asked after practice Tuesday what the competition was looking like at No. 3 tailback. He responded with, “There’s still competition at No. 2.”

It’s generally been assumed that the No. 2 spot would be held down by heralded redshirt freshman Caleb King and that’s how the depth chart was set coming into camp. But Georgia has continued to recruit at the position and two of its signees from last year, Richard Samuel and Dontavius Jackson, were early enrollees and went through spring practice. Carlton Thomas of Frostproof, Fla., joined the group this summer. And you can’t forget about walkon sophomore Kalvin Daniels, who has often drawn the praise of coaches.

Samuel, in particular, continues to generate positive commentary from coaches and apparently is a very cerebral player. Richt was talking about how all of them look very impressive carrying the football. The key, he said, was going to come down to how they perform “when Coach Ball walks away and goes to the sideline.” In other words, when the players have to think for themselves and carry out their assignments not only correctly but handle them excellently. That, of course, goes deeper than carrying the football.

Again, the general thinking is that Georgia will operate with three scholarship tailbacks and the other two will redshirt. Not necessarily, Richt said.

“We’re not saying it’s etched in stone that two are going to redshirt,” he said. “Special teams are very important. Our feeling is if a player can maybe start on three special teams, that’s worth playing.”

Meanwhile, I talked to Caleb on Monday for a story I’m doing later and was asking him about goals for this season. I asked him if he was hoping for 10 carries a game this season. He grinned widely and said “at least that many.”

Clearly, he’ll have to prove he’s worthy of that many.

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