Arrests A Concern For Georgia?

Far be it from me to usually challenge the wisdom of Tim Cowlishaw and Jean-Jacques Taylor. Our two columnists were of one mind Tuesday on ESPN’s Around the Horn, saying they didn’t see any major cause for concern with the recent arrests and suspensions at No. 1 Georgia.

This time, I have to disagree. For a team with huge expectations and scrutiny to match in the Southeastern Conference, the off-the-field problems are worrisome.

1. The kucklehead factor. You can only have so many of those players on a team to be successful and the Bulldogs may have reached their limit.

2. Focus. The arrests show that players might be listening and believing everything said about them. They could be celebrating prematurely. Eyes on the prize, guys.

3. Leadership. If you read message boards long enough (not advised), you’ll come across the argument that college kids will be college kids, so why make a big deal out of it. True, at least partially. Plenty of kids party in college. Not all get arrested. That’s the point. You can have a really good time and be smart about it, minus the police and Internet pictures. The upperclassmen at Georgia and the assistant coaches need to start some pre-emptive policing.

Below are videos of Mr. Cowlishaw and Mr. Taylor, as well as an interview with Georgia coach Mark Richt about the problems.

– Courtesy of Dallas News


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