Some Fans Think Georgia is Overrated

Georgia Tech freshman Brent Thomas grew up in Valdosta drowning in a town full of Georgia fans.

So he said when the calls start jamming up his cellphone after Friday’s news, he will repeat what’s been chanted by thousands of Tech fans at games for dozens of years:

“To hell with Georgia.”

Georgia debuted No. 1 in the USA Today/Coaches’ preseason poll Friday, much to the ire of its rivals’ fans. Supporters of Tech and SEC schools were split on Georgia’s deservedness of the top spot. But all seemed to agree that the Bulldogs aren’t going to make it through the year unbeaten.

“I don’t understand how they can be ranked No. 1,” Thomas said. “They didn’t win their division last year. They lost to a team that didn’t go to a bowl [South Carolina]. Their big triumph was beating Haw-a-ii, who’s in the WAC.”

Fellow Tech freshman Ryan LaRocca wasn’t as perturbed as his friend. In fact, he was excited that the Bulldogs are on top.

“I hope they’re undefeated when we go up there to play them so we can knock them off the top,” he said. Tech will play Georgia on Nov. 29.

Thomas responded: “I’m not going to be that confident.”

One thing’s for sure: Fans of other SEC schools are more than confident their team will knock off Georgia.

South Carolina graduate Matt Garrick, 22, thinks the Bulldogs’ reign will be short-lived.

“The third game of the season they won’t be No. 1 anymore,” he said, referring to Georgia’s road game in Columbia, S.C.

Garrick and his friend, Will Allen, both said the Gamecocks will be able to pull out the victory for the same reason they did last year.

“Good coaching,” Allen said. “They really are deserving of that No. 1 ranking, though.”

Drew Churney, 22, grew up an hour away from Athens, but he has been a Gators fan since he was 8 years old.

In the past 10 years, only two teams have been able to start the preseason No. 1 and finish on top: USC (2004) and Florida State (1999).

Churney is sure the Bulldogs’ tough schedule will prevent them from matching the feat.

“Auburn’s always tough. [Steve] Spurrier has his Jedi mind tricks,” he said.

As for the game that Georgia will lose without a doubt? Easy: Florida.

“The team’s going to come amped up this year,” Churney said. “Matthew Stafford is garbage. He hasn’t proved anything. [Knowshon] Moreno is a heck of a running back, and they have Caleb King. Georgia always has garbage wide receivers.”

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