Famous UGA Fans Talk About No. 1 Ranking

Justice Robert Benham, Georgia Supreme Court, Georgia Law, 1970.

— (His general reaction:) “I’m thrilled about the No. 1 ranking, excited about the upcoming season and confident the performance will equal the ranking.”

— (On whether he’ll wear Bulldogs paraphernalia under his robes:) “I don’t think we’ve come to that point yet.”


Chip Caray, TBS baseball play-by-play and Peachtree TV Braves announcer, Georgia class of ’87.

— (His general reaction:) “Like everybody else, I’m excited about it. To be ranked that highly you know the program is in great shape.

— (On possible banter with fellow Braves announcer Joe Simpson, who played baseball at Oklahoma. The Sooners were ranked fourth in the coaches’ poll): “I’m sure we’ll mention it. No. 4? I didn’t know the Sooners could count that high.”


Ralph Reed, conservative political activist, first executive director of the Christian Coalition, Georgia class of ’83.

— (His general reaction:) “I think it is a point of real pride for the Bulldog nation and perhaps it provides some small consolation for us being excluded from the national championship last season.”

— (On Georgia’s chances to win a title:) “It’s a tough road, but I think Georgia has as good or better shot than anybody else in the Top 10. The only wild card is how incredibly competitive the SEC has become.”

— (A strategist’s strategy for winning the title:) “The key to us doing well — assuming the Bulldogs play up to their potential on paper — as it was last year and years previous, you have to beat Florida in Jacksonville. That historically has been the make-or-break game.”


Deborah Norville, former “Today” co-host, current host of “Inside Edition,” Georgia class of 1979.

—(On her general feelings about the No. 1 ranking:) “I am beyond excited for the Bulldogs. What a great way for the new Uga to begin his reign.”

—(On her plans to visit Athens:) “I’ll be at UGA several times. In August, doing a college visit with my son who’s a rising senior. In November, when the Grady School of Journalism launches a new capital campaign. And for at least one game during the year.”

— (On whether she?ll be wearing the school colors on the set:) “I plan on wearing LOTS of red and black this year — so check out ‘Inside Edition’ on Fridays during football season to be sure I do.”

– Coutesy of AJC.com


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