HILARIOUS — Kentucky Receiver Lyons Is Dreaming About Stafford

QB Matthew Stafford

QB Matthew Stafford

Below is the transcript of an interview with Kentucky WR Dicky Lyons courtesy of Kentucky Sports Radio. Seems like NFL scouts aren’t the only ones dreaming about Matthew Stafford:

“I actually had a dream about Matt Stafford last night. You want me to tell you the dream? I’ll tell you. Well, I just got engaged to my fiance and I’ve been having these crazy dreams about her leaving me. Cosmo says its natural. So I’m having this dream that she’s leaving me and I went out following her because, you know, I had suspicions. I find her at a bar and so up to her and trying to say, ‘What are you doing?’ and she tells me she doesn’t want to marry me so I’m trying to shake her and slap her to get her to focus. I turn around and Matt Stafford punches me in the nose and said, ‘You don’t hit women.’ All the sudden the backup quarterback that is now at Delta State, Blake Barnes, comes hitting me and I’m fighting all these quarterbacks from the Manning camp start jumping in. I was doing pretty well fighting them off, twisting their arms because I know all these Army Ranger moves in my dream. I was laughing about it so I texted (Stafford) and told him. He didn’t respond. I don’t know if he likes me that much.”


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