Knowshon a “no show” at 2008 Fan Day

Among the sea of red and black — current players, former players, and fans of all ages — the Great One (#24) was curiously absent from 2008 UGA Countdown to Kickoff Fan Day.  To be fair, Moreno wasn’t the only current player who was not in attendance at this year’s fan day.  Star QB Matt Stafford was also MIA.  

So where was our beloved Knowshon on Fan Day?  As I watched young fans scour the practice fields for their hero – and 2009 Heisman hopeful – I couldn’t help but wonder where he was and why he didn’t show up to meet fans and sign autographs.  Out of the hundreds of fans in attendance, I wonder how many forked out the $30 admission fee just to get to meet an NFL great in the making and snag an autograph.  I actually heard one young fan — no older than 12 — approach Joe Cox and ask him if Knowshon was going to be there.  I also counted no less than 10 fans who were carrying around newly-purchased Knowshon photos and memorabilia hoping to see him there.

This post isn’t meant to criticize Knowshon in any way, shape or form.  In fact, I’m inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he had a perfectly reasonable excuse for not showing up to support the fans that support him every day.  But, still, his presence would have made a lot of people feel better about spending $30 on admission.


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